Little Qingdao Isle
- Xiao Qingdao Scenic Area

Little Qingdao Isle also called Xiao Qingdao (小青岛) is located southeast of the Zhanqiao Pier, and north of the Jiaozhou Bay. 

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Xiao Qingdao is yet another symbol of Qingdao, also called the Violin Isle, or Qin Island, because of its ancient violin, or gugin, shape. It is also one of the Ten Scenics in Qingdao. The Isle is about 0.012 square kilometers, 720 meters from the coast and 17 meters above sea level.

History About Xiao Qingdao:

The white light tower was constructed by the German in 1900; it is made of white marble and is about 15.5 meters high, and put into use 5 years later. When the Japanese occupied Qingdao, they built a seawall of 377 meters long and 8 meters wide to link the Isle to the shore. 

Open As A Park:

The Isle was opened as a park, and in the summer of 1988, it became a tour attraction of Qingdao and the Qian Sea. The Xiao Qingdao is a great place for a walk, with a good view of the Hui Lan Ge Pavilion

Girl with Guqin Statue 

In the Isle, there is a small flat square, The Girl with Guqin Statue (“琴女”雕塑) is in the middle of the square, waterside pavilions, red reefs with blue waves, white tower with green trees, and an arbor makes the Xiao Qingdao as the heaven created a beautiful picture.

More Pictures About Xiao Qingdao:

How to get there:

Seasonal ticket price:

November 1st - March 31st, 8:00am - 5:00pm, ticket price is 10RMB per person;

April 1st - October 31st, 7:30am - 6:00pm, ticket price is 15RMB per person.

Take bus #6, #26, #202, #214, #223, #228, #231, #304, #311, #312, #316, #501, No.1 City View Bus, get off at Lu Xun Park station

Xiao Qingdao Map:

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