Lu Xun Park

Lu Xun Park

Although not very big, Lu Xun Park(鲁迅公园) is a very unique and beautiful natural coastal scenery park. It is one of the top ten Qingdao tourist scenic attractions.

History about Lu Xun Park:

Lu Xun Park was built in 1929, and was first named as Ruoyu Park(若愚公园), then after 1931, the name was changed to Seaside Park(海滨公园); in the same year, an aquarium was built in the park and finished at 1932, therefore changing the name to Qingdao Aquarium Museum.

In 1950, determined by the Qingdao Municipal People’s Congress meeting, to commemorate the great writer Mr. Lu Xun, the park was then renamed as Lu Xun Park.

In 1966, a 700 square meters outdoor seal pool in the park was built.

In 1986 the 50th anniversary of the death of Lu Xun, the city of youth contributioned to the construction of a three meter high Lu Xun Statue, standing in the main entrance.

In 2001, Lu Xun autobiography monument was built, as well as the Lu Xun poetry gallery wall.

The main entrance of Lu Xun Park

What's Special in the Park:

The four characters at the top of main entrance arch was collected from Lu Xun’s own handwritten “鲁迅公园” (Lu Xun Park).

Three meter high of Lu Xun Statue, standing in the main entrance.

Part of the Poetry wall

In the park, there is a 75 meters long and 3 meters high wall, engraved with 45 handwritten poetry of Lu Xun.

Lu Xun autobiography monument is located in the Yincui Pavilion(迎翠亭). Lu Xun’s autobiographical manuscripts were engraved on a 3 meters wide, 1.8 meters high and 0.2 meter thick stele.

The entire park will give the visitors a feel of Lu Xun’s culture; and the beautiful natural seaside scenery, red rocks, green trees, sea breeze and relaxing.

More Pictures About Lu Xun Park:

How to get there:

Lu Xun Park is free to public.

Take bus #6, #26, #202, #214, #223, #228,  #231, #304, #311, #312, #316, #321, #501, #801, No.1 City View Bus, get off at Lu Xun Park station.

Lu Xun Park Map:

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