May Fourth Square

Winds of May

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Winds of May at Night

The May Fourth Square (五四广场 Wu si Guang Chang), built at the end of the 1990s in Qingdao, now is the central business district in the eastern seaside square.

It received its name from commemorate the student's patriotic movement of May 4th, 1919.

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For commemorate this Movement, Qingdao built a special and unique Sculpture: The Winds Of May.

Winds of May at night

                                                                                                         Picture source: nipic

Winds of May at Night

The Winds of May Sculpture is located in the heart of the new thriving downtown May 4th Square in Qingdao.  Now it is one of the symbols of Qingdao.

The red color of The Winds of May is like permanent burning flame, is indicating the city of Qingdao's booming future.

Red burning flame combines with green grass around it, and with blue sea and sky background  May fourth Square, wide open area,  is a wonderful place to fly a kite, or sit back and relax, breathe in the fresh sea air, and listen to waves sing. This is the perfect nature combination, that's hard to find and will definitely take your breath away.

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The panoramic view of May 4th Square

The May Fourth Square is divided in North and South sections, the municipal government office building is located north of the central axis. The Winds of May is in the South section of the Square, close to the sea. The implicit fountains located in the square has 81 holes bursting water high into the air through out the day. 

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A large sea fountain is north of the Fushan Bay, the jet of water goes up to 100 meters high, located 60 meters from the shore, it is very spectacular, and is the country's highest sea fountain.

More Pictures About May 4th Square:

May Fourth Square Views from Sailing Center

May 4th Square Views from Sailing Center

Winds of May

Winds of May

Fountain at May Fourth Square

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Fountains at May 4th Square

Fountain at May Fourth Square at night

                                                                                        Picture source: nipic

Fountains at May 4th Square at night

How to get there:

May 4th Square is free to everyone.

Take the #317 bus get off at the May 4th Square station.

Or by bus #25, #31, #104,#202, #231, #304, #311, #316, #318, #321, #374, #501, or #801, get off at City Hall station.

May-Fourth Square Map:

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