Qingdao No.1 Bathing Beach

 Qingdao No.1 Bathing Beach

Qingdao No.1 Bathing Beach, also known as Huiquan bathing beach, is located in Huiquan bay. The beach's length is 580 meters, and 40 meters in width. It used to be the largest beach in Asia in the 80’s and 90’s. 

Bathing Beach is surrounded by mountains, traditional villas and modern buildings, combined with the blue sky and water, it is one of  the famous scenic areas in Qingdao. With the half-moon shaped water and sand beach, and no reef in the water, it is the best place to go swimming in the summer. 

Hot summer days in Bathing Beach:

On a hot summer day, thousands and thousands of visitors from mainland come here; the wide sand beach will suddenly be full of people from everywhere.

At that time the bathing beach can hold over 200,000 swimmers and tourists each day.

People enjoy swimming in cool sea water and the sea breeze. That's how the name "Bathing Beach" came to.

The real "Bathing Beach" 

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After the summer, visitors leave Qingdao, and the "Bathing Beach" goes back to the "Sandy Beach", back to the quiet.

When you walk on the beach, breath the cool sea breeze, and listen the waves rhythmically tapping on the beach, it is very relaxing.

History of No.1 Bathing Beach:

It was built at 1901, and was only opened to the foreigners. The daily swimmers were only around 100 people. After 1934, the baths extended and built 30 locker rooms for the men and women. And the swimmers reached around 1000. 

In 1953, the Municipal Bureau of Finance 30-40 thousand Chinese Yuan build two new platform, 500 locker rooms and added shark prevention nets, and also ambulance teams, medical stations, and security lookouts.

In 1984 March, the municipal government funding for the local alterations, rebuilt the bathing beach. The beach area was expanded from 11,800 to 24,000 square meter. The new beach became tourists swimming, rest, and entertainment place.

2002-2003, the bathing beach was yet again rebuilt; the locker rooms were divided into both above and below ground. Wood was the main decoration materials for above ground lock rooms, and the original German-made huts were kept. Underground locker rooms area was nearly 2000 square meter, all these made the beach area have a larger seating area.

The No.1 Bathing Beach became a tourist resort, great leisure and fitness, and a unique Scenic place.

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How to get there:

Beach area is open year round and free to public.

Locker rooms: Regular locker room from mid of June to mid of September. Winter swimming locker room open year round. Price may variety.

Take Bus #6, #15, #26, #31, #214, #304, #311, #312, #316, #604, #605 get off at No. 1 Bathing Beach station. 

No.1 Bathing Beach Map:

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