Qingdao Aquarium

Qingdao Aquarium is located at the central part of Lu Xun Park. It’s surrounded by the beautiful sea, red rocks, green trees and hills. 

Qingdao Aquarium area include: Qingdao Underwater WorldFantasy Jellyfish PalaceMarine Biological Exhibition, Marine Animal MuseumFreshwater Aquarium.

Qingdao Aquarium was the first aquarium in China and Asia. It was built in 1930, and opened on May 8th, 1932. The main building is a Chinese traditional castle style building. The building plan view is a squared shape, each side was built with the red granite walls, and castellation styled parapet walls. The whole building combined with the blue sea, red rocks, and green trees…… all make it beautiful scenic spot. It was one of the top ten Qingdao buildings.

Qingdao Aquarium

Fantasy Jellyfish Palace:

The Aquarium has conducted several large reconstructions and extended more show area.

The main building is now as the Fantasy Jellyfish Palace, and is the first professional jellyfish exhibition in China. It not only shows visitors the beautiful, colorful and different jellyfish, but is also has an established jellyfish breeding laboratory, used for a more depth of study and exploration on the reproduction and development of variety of jellyfish. 

Fantasy Jellyfish Palace
Fantasy Jellyfish Palace

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Marine Biological Exhibition:

The Marine Biological Exhibition Hall was built in 1936, and was Qingdao Marine Biological Institute. Then became Marine Specimens Museum of Qingdao at 1955. The museum displayed over 1,000 specimens from the sea, and it also has over 20,000 pieces ocean of biological specimens’ collections. It is the first specialized nature museum of marine biological specimens in China. 

You will find all different kinds of marine specimens, such as marine plants, beautiful red coral, giant king crab, huge shells, sea turtles, giant whales, etc.

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Marine Animal Museum:

The Marine animal Museum was built in 1966, and was the outdoor seal pool. And in 1991, was reconstructed to China’s first Antarctic Museum. Subsequently, after 1995 and 2011, two large-scale reconstructions, become the Marine Animal Museum.

The museum has animals such as penguins, seals, sea lions, and sea turtles. There, 3-4 baby seals are born every year. You will probably have a chance to watch them in the show when you visit here.

Freshwater Aquarium:

Freshwater Aquarium was built in 1995, Exhibiting freshwater fish, like world valuable tropical fish that come from all over the world, such as Arapaima, Arowana, large fish from Yangtze River,  Chinese alligator, giant salamander, etc.

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Qingdao Underwater World:

Qingdao Underwater World is in the same area with Qingdao Aquariums, complementary with aquariums becoming unique marine ecosystem exhibition.

Qingdao Underwater World was built in 1999, and opened to the public in 2003. The whole exhibit is under ground. An 86 meter long tunnel makes you feel like you’re underwater, with all kinds of different fish cruising around you, including sharks. 

The huge monomer cylindrical display tank is now the largest tank in Asia, displaying beautiful live coral, sea anemone, and tropical fish, beautiful like a sea garden.

If you didn't see underwater wonder world, you can’t say you've have been Qingdao. Don’t miss these marine worlds. 

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How to get there:

Take bus #6, #26, #202, #214, #223, #228,  #231, #304, #311, #312, #316, #321, #501, #801, No.1 City View Bus, get off at Lu Xun Park station.


The whole passes for all Aquarium area is seasoning, the price is between RMB 100-120.

Include Qingdao Underwater World, Fantasy Jellyfish Palace, Marine Biological Exhibition, Marine Animal Museum, Freshwater Aquarium.

Qingdao Underwater World+Marine Biological Exhibition+Freshwater Aquarium: RMB 90.

Qingdao Aquarium+Marine Biological Exhibition+Freshwater Aquarium+Marine Animal Museum: seasonal price, RMB 20-40.

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