Qingdao Beer Street

Qingdao Beer Street

Most people in Qingdao have two main things they like to do: going swimming in the sea; and drinking Qingdao Beer.

Near the Old Tsingtao brewery, which is now China’s first beer museum, is the Qingdao Beer Street, lined with dozens of bars and restaurants decorated in a Chinese-European style.

The sweet, mellow beer is the best known product of Qingdao.

The Tsingtao beer has this Beer Street as a representative of the local beer culture.

History About Qingdao Brewery:

In 1873, when the Germans invaded Qingdao, they had their camps set up on this street, since they loved beer; they found that the street was the perfect place to have the good-tasting brew all the time. 

More than 100 years later, the Dengzhou Road became the most famous road in Qingdao, receiving more than 10,000 customers each day.

Rebuilt Qingdao Beer Street:

The Qingdao Beer Street is now home to over 60 bars and beer shops. Fresh beer is sent to the shops every day from the Qingdao Brewery Factory.

Along with fresh seafood, it has become a popular hangout for the locals, and a great place for tourist to have a taste of Qingdao. 

The Beer Street has a European style, with the stone ground and green marble with red and white borders.

This is truly a beer street, if you look down at the drainage caps; even they have to do with beer! Mascots, chairs, road signs, trash can all resemble beer on this street. 

Beer Street's Trash Cans

Have you ever seen these beautiful drainage caps?
Yes, they are specialty designed for Qingdao Beer Street. 

There should be 12 designed caps, but we only found 9, if you found another 3 caps, please take pictures and share with us!

“Give me one hour, I will return you 100 years”

Give me one hour, I will return you 100 years,” is the museum’s slogan, and this is one place tourists absolutely should not miss.

In 2003, Tsingtao Brewery Company renovated the 100 year old factory into the Tsingtao beer Museum to celebrate its 100th anniversary of the Tsingtao Beer.

The meaning of the slogan is that during an hour of getting around the museum, you can get to know the history of the Tsingtao beer, throughout its establishment, development, and achievements, and glory. 

Through Qingdao Beer Street, you will find Qingdao Sky City. The Sky City is a commercial pedestrian street in Shibei District of Qingdao. 

More Pictures About Qingdao Beer Street:

How to get there:

Take Bus: #2, #8, #11, #25, #28, #205, #211, #217, #218, # 221, #222, #232, #301, #320 get off at Taidong station.

Cost per person: You can order meat, seafood and beer for about 50-100 RMB.

Qingdao Beer Street Map:

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