Zhanqiao Pier

Zhanqiao Pier

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Zhanqiao Pier

Zhanqiao Pier (栈桥) is a symbol of Qingdao. We called it Zhanqiao.

Hui Lan Ge”, the pavilion at the end of the pier, is one of the Ten Scenics in Qingdao.

The Zhanqiao, also known as the Qianhai Zhanqiao, Nanhai Zhanqiao,

or the Great Pier, is the iconic, octagonal shaped pavilion that is recognized as the symbol on the Tsingtao beer bottle.

Built in 1891, the Zhanqiao is located off the South seashore of Qingdao and to the North of the Qingdao Bay. The old pier was about 100 meters long and 6 meters in width.

The Pier is the earliest known dock in Qingdao, renovated in 1931, and 1985, extended and the length to 440 meters, and 8 meters in width.

Tsingtao Beer symbol

Zhanqiao as the Symbol on Tsingtao Beer

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At the southern end of the pier, built on a semicircular water-break building; there is a traditional, two-storey, octagonal pavilion, named “Hui Lan Ge” (回澜阁). 

The whole Zhanqiao is like a long dragon resting on the sea. On a beautiful day, it almost feels as if you can walk out into a rainbow.

The whole Zhanqiao Pier is like a long dragon resting on the middle of the sea

The whole Zhanqiao is like a long dragon resting on the middle of the sea

The pavilion is covered with colored glazed tiles, and there are 24 red lacquered pillars around to support the building.

There is a spiral staircase in the middle of the building to go upstairs, and surrounded by large glass windows.

You will be able to see a beautiful landscape from each window. All the pictures are of the beautiful Qingdao Bay and attraction, and famous buildings.

“Hui Lan Ge” (回澜阁) plaque

“Hui Lan Ge” (回澜阁)
on the plaque

"Hui Lan Ge” (回澜阁) the three words on the plaque on the building was originally inscribed by the former mayor of Qingdao, Shen Honglie (沈鸿烈).

During the second Japanese occupation of Qingdao, they took the plaque to Japan, and displayed it at the Army Museum in Tokyo Japan for the “merit”.

Now the three words were written by the famous Chinese calligrapher Shu Tong (舒同). 

More Pictures about Zhanqiao:

Beautiful Zhanqiao at Night


The Sunset Zhanqiao

How to get there:

Zhanqiao is opened year round.

It is free to public on the whole pier; but you need a ticket to get into the "Hui Lan Ge" Pavilion.

Take Bus: #2, #5, #8, #25, #26, #231, #301, #304, #305, #307, #316, #321, #501, #801 get off at Zhanqiao station.

Zhanqiao Map:

In the map: Zhanqiao Piea is shown as Zhan Brige, Zhanqiao Park.

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